Optimization of FlexiTP Energy-Aware Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

Document Type : Special Issue


Department of Computer Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran


Abstract— Maximizing WSN longevity besides maintaining their efficiency and proper performance, is one of the most important challenges that researchers of this field encounter. FlexiTP, is a protocols that was designed and made for optimizing energy consumption and maximizing longevity of these kinds of networks. This study presents improved version of FlexiTP protocol using Harmony Search algorithm with the objective of optimizing energy consumption of FlexiTP protocol. The suggested method, HS-FlexiTP, is able to choose the best parent for each sensor node, using Harmony Search algorithm, based on three criterion including; distance of parent node from child node, number of the hops of the parent node and remaining energy of the parent node. Obtained results of the simulations indicate that HS-FlexiTP is able to decrease 25 percent of the consumed energy per each node throughout the various scenarios of simulation in comparison with FlexiTP protocol. In comparison with ZMAC protocol, it has much better efficiency in decreasing consumed energy as well and in comparison with both protocols, ZMAC and FlexiTP, the suggested procedure is able to maximize network longevity and optimize other efficiency criteria including average packet delay, throughput and productivity of the channel.


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