STAR: Improved Algorithm based on Sliding Window for Trust-Aware Routing in WSNs

Document Type : Computer and Network Security-Ghaemi


Islamic Azad University of Mashhad


This research with attention to the establishment of trust in WSNs and with the goal of increment in energy supply and growth in malicious node detection accuracy by using of improved sliding window, is saving energy by using computation of the previous periods. Also, this research calculates the trust in aspect of transferring information, based on subjective logic model and incremented the detection rate of malicious node by proposing two algorithms for identifying these nodes. Then, this method increases the speed of routing. The results of simulation of STAR compared to EDTM (Jiang, et al., 2015) shows 11.99% increment in the residual energy of network and growth of 1.52% in detecting the accuracy of malicious nodes.


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